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Why Do Dogs Whine ?

2cebfdae7a8ea5d691033c085990a9d4_SDogs are capable of many different vocalizations, one of which is whining. But the reason a dog whines might surprise you. According to the ASPCA, there are many different reasons why a dog whines:

An injury

Dogs whine to express pain. If your dog seems to be whining excessively or all of a sudden for no apparent reason, it might be wise to visit the vet to make sure there’s nothing causing the dog pain.


When a dog is stressed, it can whine frequently and for a long period of time. But if you notice the dog is whining when you’re getting ready to leave or are out of the house, your dog might have separation anxiety issues.


A very excited dog may vocalize when greeting dogs or people, and they may whine. Submissive dogs may also whine when meeting other dogs while displaying other submissive behavior like tucking its tail between its legs.


If your dog is whining in your presence and doing nothing else but staring at you or something in your hand (like treats), the dog is looking to get your attention or a reward.

How to stop your dog from whining for attention

Attention seeking whining is one of the most common reasons for whining. This can be corrected simply, but it can take a long time and you need to be consistent. When your dog whines for your attention, ignore your dog until they’re quiet and then give them your full attention and lots of praise. Don’t give your dog any attention at all – even negative attention – when they’re whining. Give your dog praise and rewards any other time of the day when you happen to notice they’re not whining.

Does your dog whine?


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